Test: Quiz: Resolving Many to Many Relationships

Section 1

1. If an intersection entity is formed that contains no attributes of its own, its uniqueness may be modeled by Mark for Review

(1) Points

Creating new attributes.

Barring the relationships to the original entities. (*)

Placing the UID attributes from the original entities into the intersection entity.

None of the above.


2. When you resolve a M-M by creating an intersection entity, this new entity will always inherit: Mark for Review

(1) Points

The attributes of both related entities.

A relationship to each entity from the original M-M. (*)

The UID's from the entities in the original M-M.

Nothing is inherited from the original entities and relationship.


3. Many-to-Many relationships are perfectly acceptable in a finished ERD. There is no need to do any more work on them. True or False? Mark for Review

(1) Points


False (*)


4. When resolving an M:M relationship, the new relationship will always be __________ on the many side. Mark for Review 
(1) Points
Mandatory (*)

5. Many to Many relationships between entities usually hide what? Mark for Review 
(1) Points

Another relationship
Another entity (*)
More attributes


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