Test: Quiz: Introduction to The Oracle Academy

Section 1

1. There is a big increase in demand for Information Technology professionals in today's market. True or False?  Mark for Review

(1) Points

True (*)



2. Why is it important to identify the business requirements before beginning to program a new system? Mark for Review

(1) Points

It is not important to have a blueprint for database design and programs. You should just start coding as soon as possible, so you can meet your deadlines.

It clarifies what a business wants to accomplish, so that you can get your database design and coding started correctly. (*)

It allows application development to be conducted without having to consider database design.

It keeps businesses honest.


3. What are the major content areas covered in the Oracle Academy? Mark for Review

(1) Points

Database programming and Computer repair.

Database configuration and performance tuning.

Data Modeling, SQL, and PL/SQL (*)

Data Modeling, PJava and C+

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