Test: Quiz: Data vs Information

Section 1

1. Which of the following are examples of data vs. information. Mark for Review

(1) Points

A. Student age vs. average age of all students in class

B. Bank deposit amount vs. total account balance

C. Winning time for a race vs. length of race

D. Price of computer vs. total sales of all computers for a company

E. Both A and B (*)


2. Consider an example where an Oracle database works "behind the scenes" to turn data into information. Which of the following best fits the description of data transformed into information? Mark for Review

(1) Points

A person searching an airline website to find all available flights for a destination. (*)

A business identifies what processes it uses for purchasing inventory.

A student places a link to their homepage from the school's website.


3. What are the results of having all your data in one central location? (Choose two) Mark for Review

(1) Points

(Choose all correct answers)

Improved performance (*)

Easier access to data (*)

Updates are harder to execute

Decreased performance


4. How do you turn "data" into "information" Mark for Review

(1) Points

By testing it

By querying it or accessing it (*)

By storing it on a server

By storing it in a database

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