Test: Quiz: Major Transformations in Computing

Section 1

1. In the grid computing model, resources are pooled together for efficiency. True or False? Mark for Review

(1) Points

True (*)



2. Users would use which of the following software to access essential business applications? (Choose three) Mark for Review

(1) Points

(Choose all correct answers)

GUI Interface (*)

Internet Browser (*)


Operating System (*)


3. Personal computers (PCs) have been in existence since 1950. True or False? Mark for Review

(1) Points


False (*)


4. Databases function more efficiently as: Mark for Review

(1) Points

Multiple applications on multiple client-servers

Integrated software on fast processing servers (*)

Client-based software on client-servers

Client-based software on personal computers


5. Which of the following is NOT a type of database? Mark for Review

(1) Points



SQL (*)


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