Test: Quiz: Hierarchies and Recursive Relationships

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Hierarchies and Recursive Relationships
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1. Which of the following would be a good Unique Identifier for its Entity? (Choose Two) Mark for Review
(1) Points

(Choose all correct answers)
Identification Number for Person (*)
Birthdate for Baby Which Includes Hour, Minute, and Seconds (*)

Order date for Order
Vehicle Type Number for Car

2. A relationship can be both recursive and hierachal at the same time. True or False? Mark for Review
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False (*)

3. A recursive rationship should not be part of a UID. True or False? Mark for Review
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True (*)

4. In this simple diagram, what comprises the unique identifier for the student class entity?
Mark for Review
(1) Points
student id and class id
student id, class id and course id
course id
student id and course id (*)

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