Test: Quiz: Drawing Conventions for Readability

1. You must make sure all entities of a proposed system can fit onto one diagram. It is not allowed to break up a data model into more than one diagram. True or False?
False (*)


2. It is a good idea to group your entities in a diagram according to the expected volumes. By grouping high volume entities together, the diagrams could become easier to read. True or False?
True (*)


3. Which of the following statements are true for ERD’s to enhance their readability. (Choose Two)
(Choose all correct answers)
There should be no crossing lines. (*)
All crows feet (Many-ends) of relationships should point the same way. (*)

There should be many crossing lines.
It does not matter which way the crows feet (many ends) point.


4. There are no formal rules for how to draw ERD’s. The most important thing is to make sure all entities, attributes and relationships are documented on diagram. The layout is not significant. True or False?
False (*)

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