Test: Quiz: Cross joins and Natural Joins

Review your answers, feedback, and question scores below. An asterisk (*) indicates a correct answer.

Section 1


1. What happens when you create a Cartesian product? Mark for Review

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All rows from one table are joined to all rows of another table (*)

No rows are returned as you entered wrong join-criteria

The table is joined to itself, one column to the next column, exhausting all possibilities

All rows that do not match in the WHERE clause are displayed

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2. A NATURAL JOIN is based on: Mark for Review

(1) Points

Columns with the same name and datatype (*)

Columns with the same name

Columns with the same datatype and width

Tables with the same structure

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3. The join column must be included in the select statement when you use the NATURAL JOIN clause. True or False? Mark for Review

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False (*)

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4. The ___________ join is the ANSI-standard syntax used to generate a Cartesian product. Mark for Review

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