Test: Quiz: Conceptual and Physical Models

Section 1

1. Examples of software are: Mark for Review

(1) Points

Data entry webpages, Spreadsheets, Google and Yahoo search Engines, SQL Developer, Oracle Application Express (*)

Microsoft Word, Microsoft Powerpoint, Microsoft Excel, Mouse pad

Mouse, Cables, Microsoft Word, Microsoft Powerpoint

Monitor, Microsoft Word, Microsoft PowerPoint, SQL Developer


2. Which of the following are reasons we create conceptual models? Mark for Review

(1) Points

It facilitates discussion. A picture is worth a thousand words.

It forms important ideal system documentation.

It takes into account government regulations and laws

It forms a sound basis for physical database design

All of the above. (*)


3. Examples of hardware are: Mark for Review

(1) Points

Data entry web pages, Mouse, Hard disk

Mouse, Hard disk, Monitor (*)

Monitor, Mouse, Printer, Printed Reports

Monitor, Mouse, Mouse pad, Cables and Wires, Hard disk

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