Quiz: Relationship Mapping

1. Two entities A and B have an optional (A) to Mandatory (B) One-to-One relationship. When they are transformed, the Foreign Key(s) is placed on:
The table BS (*)
The Table AS
Nowhere, One-to-One are not transformed
Both tables As and Bs get a new column and a Foreign Key.


2. Relationships on an ERD can only be transformed into UIDs in the physical model? True or False?
False (*)


3. What do you create when you transform a many to many relationship from your ER diagram into a physical design?
Foreign key constraints
Intersection entity
Intersection table (*)
Primary key constraints


4. One-to-One relationships are transformed into Foreign Keys in the tables created at either end of that relationship? True or False?

False (*)


5. A barrred Relationship will result in a Foreign Key column that also is part of:
The Table Name
The Column Name
The Check Constraint
The Primary Key (*)


6. One-to-Many Optional to Mandatory becomes a _______________ on the Master table.
Mandatory Foreign Key
Nothing (There are no new columns created on the Master table) (*)
Optional Foreign Key
Primary Key

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