Quiz: Nonequijoins


Test: Quiz: Nonequijoins

Review your answers, feedback, and question scores below. An asterisk (*) indicates a correct answer.

Section 1


1. Which statement about joining tables with a non-equijoin is false? Mark for Review

(1) Points

A WHERE clause must specify a column in one table that is compared to a column in the second table (*)

The number of join conditions required is always one less than the number of tables being joined

The columns being joined must have compatible data types

None of the above



2. The following statement is an example of a nonequi-join?

SELECT e.last_name, e.salary, j.grade_level

FROM employees e, job_grades j

WHERE e.salary

BETWEEN j.lowest_sal AND j.highest_sal;

True or False?

Mark for Review

(1) Points

True (*)




3. Which of the following operators is/are typically used in a nonequijoin? Mark for Review

(1) Points




>=, <=, BETWEEN ...AND (*) *


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